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Ownership and copyright: Yours.

​You own the final artwork and the exclusive copyright to it. You can even register it as an official trademark. There are no restrictions on your use of the artwork. The only right I retain is the right to display your artwork in my portfolio.

Here's a breakdown of how I work…. 

I start by discussing your needs via email, phone or Skype.... once I have a full understanding of your project, I will send over a price quote.


I generally charge by the project, not by the hour. With my price quote you’ll know upfront exactly how much you’ll be paying from the start.

With your approval of the quote, I then process a 50% deposit invoice via PayPal to secure your project in my schedule. You do not need to have a PayPal account as invoices can simply be paid with a credit card. It's just like any other online purchase.

Once the deposit payment clears, I then draw up some initial sketches for your project and send them off via email. We'll go back and forth via email or phone, discussing tweaking and revising the sketches until you are 100% happy with the look of the art.

For more information
​contact me or fill out my price quote request form
so we can get your project underway!

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